Lokpal Bill

#Courtesy Times of India. Copy pasted from Times of India!! Much has been made of the decision to put the Prime Minister under the purview of the proposed corruption watchdog, the Lokpal, but the official draft of the Lokpal Bill is full of escape clauses for politicians. All critical decisions in the proposed anti-corruption regime … Continue reading

Black Day for Java

I was long awaiting such kind of act by Oracle and it happened. Oracle sued Google over Java in Android platform ( News and actual complaint).

Me, My Nation & My People

Me, My Nation & My People Eyes are looking up to the sky thanking the heavenly for the rains; the downpour has always been the direct materialized blessings of the Almighty, shaking the trembling survival with the impulse of life. When the nature rejoices in the shades of green, the eyes get cooled with the … Continue reading

“What it takes to believe in something which is difficult to believe.”

We all believe in certain things, theories, ideologies, figures, ideals, people, customs, religions, being human we can not stay away from thinking and believing. Belief the product of thought process of the mind, a thought process which has build up in our minds, from the time of birth, being fed up with the teachings of … Continue reading

Shouldn’t there be a limit to Opinion-based Columns and News?

I don’t remember when I first read the editorial of any newspaper. But it has been a long time now. I have been watching newspapers because of my interest in the news and reading newspapers. What is interesting to note is the increase in the devotion to columnists and opinion based articles. It has become … Continue reading

On the BlogWagon … wrooommmm !!!

Never has been a time less opportune than this to start writing. Its 10 days to my exams and I hardly know any subjects. Nevertheless I just read that “Never can there be a right time to do things. If there is, then it is now“. So here I go. Starting off with a small narration of … Continue reading