I ran and I ran, I was looking for me…

I came across a tree,
I wondered how tall it could be,
A tall man standing underneath the tree, the sky, the clouds and the sun.
The sun and its rays, with which the iron blazed,
and a tiny plant raised for its feed.

I am blazed…I need my feed,
I hear a voice that haunts me,
another one that taunts me,
Waves go through the untouched, unrippled mind,
waking me up with a jolt.
Its just words, just words…
were they just words which touched me so deeply?
but there was more which went to the core and its still here,
there is more, more than just words which caresses me so profoundly,
but somewhere its just a brush, which leaves me craving for more;
I hog onto it, then I slog to put it away,
but it returns in full bloom with a new charm.

The screen appears and the tree disappears,
The tree flashes…with the beat of my eye lashes.
The eyes relax and in the darkness, the silver leaves of the tree come back,
the closed eyes search for more,
there is something lurking behind that door…
Open the door…Open!…the voice says,
Its open now, its virtual now.
The tree is gone and the screen is on and I move on…
Blurred by exploration, doubting my courage and conviction,
I wonder shall I leave the door open?
I see a glimpse of the world from the creaks in the door,
but am I ready for more?

Drenched in sweat, after a dance with zest,
I lay down on the floor and stare at the moving fan ,
the evaporating sweat feels cool…but then a chill runs through me and tells me – I wanna be free…

The sounds, the voices, the words, the touch, the spark, the glow and the afterglow, soaks me in…
I am drowned, I am deep there, but then I surface and get a taste of reality…bitter, sweet,bitter…
The two states coalesce, blesses me with a solidifying grace;
Now the tree and screen are one.
The darkness falls in the blues, among the white…appears a thought loose;
Am I ‘one’? Am I free? Am I ‘me’?

I ran and I ran and I am still running….(to be free…to be ‘me’)

branching life

(P.S – my second attempt at poetry, the first was shared with one or two individuals only…this one was written in a trance like state, 2 lines…I slept for 5 min…another few lines another 5 min sleep…it was weird and this is what I came up with)

8 Responses to “I ran and I ran, I was looking for me…”
  1. palakmathur says:

    Nice poem!! With profound thought. Just ran like a movie in my mind!!!

  2. avantika says:

    very sincere poem…..it cannot be explained it can simply be felt !!

  3. sakshi mathur says:

    wow wht a poem…nice 1 🙂

  4. blessjess says:

    Thanks Palak…

    Thanks Avs…it is indeed sincere and honest…came right from the heart… to paper..then to the screen

    N Thanks Sakshi…

  5. Jyotaditya Singh says:

    ‘I ran and I ran and I still am’
    I happen to know that this imagery has been running in your mind from a long while.
    Crafting that singular essence into something so beautiful is indeed brilliant.
    And unti… poetry!!! What a discovery!

  6. Vardhna says:

    The poem seems to be true representation of wat was going on in ur mind at particular point of time….And Avs is soo right, the poem can just be felt. It soaks you in and plays with brilliant imagery…
    Way to go…

  7. blessjess says:

    @Jyot – Thanks Bro…I didn’t know u noticed that…n a compliment from you sure means a lot to me.

    @Vardhna – Thanks..n very true indeed…watever was in my mind came out, n I actually felt better at writing it…and the imagery which has been created through words here was first translated from vague thoughts and images in the mind..so I don’t know how has it come across; since the poem has a lot of symbolism it can certainly be interpreted in different ways.

  8. khushboo luthra says:

    Well I know in what state of mind it was written………….but it reminds me again and again of the tree thats there in the picture and I still need to write my interpretation on this

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