“Your Memories”

“Your Memories”

Peeking in the far future I know that,

Someday my world is going to perish,

I have no rescue, but I can fight that,

Till there are your memories to relish,

I have told world of the whole as that,

They are worth treasures & I cherish,

They say around, this is fruitless, but,

I will take their care and will nourish,

Sky will shower & world will see that,

They will bloom & they will flourish,

How good it will be to sit & feel them,

Relieving me deep after my skirmish,

Worlds fade around, but I know that,

My world, for sure can never tarnish,

As when dust ever settles down on to it,

They will always shine it and garnish,

Listens divinity now, as poet says that,

This birth & the next I can live lavish,

You trusted me, Am grateful for that,

& I got treasures which need no polish.

-Written for a special friend from Greece, Artemis.

– Ankit Panch

4 Responses to ““Your Memories””
  1. sakshi mathur says:

    wow….wht a poem….vry nice 🙂

  2. ankitpanch says:

    Thanks a lot !!

  3. Leila says:

    So nice
    Really nice 🙂

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