Retaliation, the natural instinct.

When we use the word retaliate, it denotes somewhat a situation where there is no other option left with the individual, then to let the natural instinct works in its own way. The natural instinct, what exactly it is. When human was evolved after long phases of evolution from its ape forefathers, there were still some qualities that remained unevolved or some emotions that were too premature for being called human’s, hidden deep inside the human brain, time and again these qualities bypass the evolution history and consequent qualities of the humans and demonstrate themselves, in severe circumstances where the evolved brain and the formatted emotions outcast themselves, and let the human work as if it were crude form of a premature species.

We can call it the animal like qualities hidden deep within the human mental framework. The principle difference between an animal and a human is that animals are unable to control their emotions, and there is a sort of emotional extremity can be seen in them. For e.g. The animals when are showing affection they can behave like a infant, doing whatever possible that can be done, from running, jumping, biting and all. Similarly, when an animal is furious it can even kill the other or can cause severe damage physically. Humans do have a tendency to control their emotion outflow, by putting a human and decency tag to them, many a times when we are furious there are a lot of thoughts that are flowing in our mind, but being judgmental, and having the quality of foreseeing we know the consequence of each thought passing by, many a times we feel to cry, be angry, to love etc. but we still do not release our feelings and suppress them.

It may happen many a times when we do not express ourselves anyhow and try to be too judgmental, wise and precise, but from inside the natural instinct provokes us many a times to take a step and proceed, we just press it hard and try to lock it, perhaps because we think that the consequences may not be the same as expected. Now, what happens that many a times the natural instinct bypasses the judgmental barrier and demonstrates itself taking the control of the human as a whole, turning it into rather an affectionate child or a deadly, suicidal killer. Emotions are the key for everything. The more they are bent or tortured the high they retaliate, the more they are cared and cured the more they are beneficial. In this universe there are two extremities, either everything or nothing, either infinity or zero. The factors which cause the retaliation to happen, they in fact push the individual towards these limits, where either he retaliates to prove its existence worth or ends it retaliating. This is one of the cases when retaliation becomes an urgency to release the long mounting emotional pressure. Now, questions that arise here, what causes the emotional outburst, what makes someone so unpredictable, what makes the emotional outburst to release itself at this intensity? This may be investigated by knowing the relation between suppression, tolerance and retaliation.

Tolerance is the power or capacity of an individual to tolerate certain conditions, which in turn is related with emotional suppression, as to tolerate one must be able to suppress its emotional, mental & behavioural outflow. The timely intensity of the events that are tolerated by an individual if is high for a specific time period, then the limit to tolerate breaks quite early, and the suppressed emotions are released in form of certain unpredictable behavioural characteristics. It is same like tolerating cold, when the temperatures are sub zero, the tolerance to withstand it decreases by time and at last the cold is ready to take it toll, this is the time to retaliate….

Contd. In later posts..

– Ankit Panch

3 Responses to “Retaliation, the natural instinct.”
  1. palakmathur says:

    Retaliation is truly a natural instinct. The question is whether it is right or wrong and it can depend on individual perception.

  2. pallavjain2001 says:

    One reason for emotional outburst is that we the humans keep lot of expectations from others. If expectations are met then everything is good and if not met then the other person is like an enemy and the seed of retaliation starts evolving.

  3. ankitpanch says:

    good point..expectations are the solo cause of all miseries..

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