The role of Asian and European Youth in Tackling Global Issues through inter-cultural dialogue

Unleashing the hidden energy of youth for blowing winds of changes globally.

“Youth”, the word itself contains that enormous amount of energy which can blow the slow winds of required changes at those tremendous velocities, that the change can be guaranteed. In the unpredictable time of today, one thing that is certain is that only the youths of today can project the world into the desired future of greatest humanity, provided that the youths learn from the gone time, i.e. past, speaks in present while incubating the visions of a great future in their inner selves. Asia and Europe were and are the cradles of great importance to the whole world. At times they have proved their existence to the universe, and have gifted humanity at times with great discoveries, theories, religions, persons, culture and the list goes on, these continents were even devastated at times and were also the greatest war fields of the world, but like the phoenix which reincarnates itself from its ashes, they stood again and again, and that is what the real meaning of being human, reincarnating and reconstructing.

The role of these continents can never be ignored as a majority of the world population resides here, and when even the simple actions and inactions of the people of these land masses directly affects the world and also the humanity, one must be really conscious enough to decide & discuss before implementing a plan. Youths of today may be not that powerful in position to implement a required action, but it’s a well known fact that the youths of today will be the bearer of responsibilities of tomorrow, with keeping that vision in thoughts a lot can be done today, initiating something today will be fruitful in the coming tomorrow, just like a gigantic tree which takes birth from a simple seed.

Today, when the world is witnessing a lot of issues affecting the humanity directly, rather then discussing what is happening around, there must be a dialogue to discuss the solution not the problem, and when someone starts talking about the solution, the solution is bound to come. Youths of today feel unprotected, alone and single, they do have the visions but they might not have the ample amount of resources, and at this time a need for a democratic platform surfaces.

A Democratic platform that allows the youths of various regions, religion, rituals, races, rights, resources to mingle, its for sure they will find that they are not single of that very same like, and once the fragile threads are tied together, a rope with enormous strength comes into being, and that strength is what we the youths want. The youth of these continents can bear the torch of light to proceed with enlightening the world, gaining masses and strengthening themselves in the process, can deal with the global issues, initiating with a dialogue and moving forward with devotion, a devotion to the duty, towards the mother earth and its sons and daughters.

History contains a lot of references how the youth’s energy can be diverted towards the good and the bad, and today even the energy needs a direction, in fact, a unified direction, which can only be possible when they meet and discuss, as the dialogues of today will be the treaties of tomorrow. There is need for one such platform that can provide the resources and the desk for dialogues to happen, and that is what is desired, the rest depends on the youths and their dedication. Global issues require great energy for awakening the masses, and the youth is the sources of that energy. The reason for which the energy needs to be unleashed is that we the youth may or may not be the part of governments who is responsible for taking care of the world we are living in, but we are the members of the masses who is getting affected directly or indirectly by those “global issues”, an analogy for the same context fits here is, “Even if there is a watchman for securing some house, the members of the house do have the first responsibility for its security and are directly affected if the security is breached, not the watchman”. So, being the energetic and the responsible member of the earth house, we should come forward and take responsibilities as not because the mother earth needs us, but because we need our mother earth and a world to survive.

(As submitted for 19th International Youth Forum 2008)

One Response to “The role of Asian and European Youth in Tackling Global Issues through inter-cultural dialogue”
  1. palakmathur says:

    Youth is an energy. It can be the driving force for the success of any country only if the they are guided properly. The youth forums are definitely a step towards the same.

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