What does this life mean?

One day I was imagining how have I spent this life till now. When I was a child I spent all my days in playing and studying. When grown up I went to college. Now working for an organization. And when I look around I find that almost everyone has got the similar life. But the questions that come to my mind are: Have I got this life to do all these mundane and worldly activities only?, Is there anything more than this? What is after this life? We live, work, earn, eat, enjoy and then finally die. But is this all for which I got this birth? These questions are considered impractical by most of the people but in actual they are the most practical questions which one should ponder upon!!

If you will take your attention a bit towards religion and spirituality then all these questions will be answered.
Instead of ‘Religion’ let me use the term ‘Dharm’ here because this term sounds more powerful. There are different beliefs and sayings about above mentioned questions. But let me explain the most logical that I have found.

Dharm says that there are infinite number of souls in this universe. Each and every soul has occupied a body for a particular duration depending upon the previous karmas. We are the souls who have occupied this body and we will leave it one day when the time of death will come. But we consider this materialistic body as ours and in actual it is not.
Actually you and me are the souls who have not yet recognized ourselves and that is why roaming around this universe in different forms which have sufferings and nothing else.
It is the fruit of our own karmas that we get but we always blame others for anything unfavorable that happen to us. Dharm says that you will get the fruit(good or bad) of everything you have done in the past and the living beings whom we are blaming are just the medium or source but not the doers.

Today we are human beings, that is also the result of our previous karmas. Taking birth as a human being is very seldom and a very big thing. Human beings have the capability to act prudentially.
There are two kind of people in this world:
First say that “life is too small so just spend it in pleasures and enjoyment”.
Second say that “life is too small. We have got this life ‘n’ number of times and every time we have spent it in pleasures and enjoyment and that is why we are facing this cycle of birth and death again and again. Now this is the time. Make best use of this life and apart from indulging yourself in these materialistic pleasures start moving on the path of ultimate bliss i.e. Salvation”.
Almost 98% people fall under first category which includes me and many more!

I know my thoughts would differ from many of you and so the comments are always welcome.

14 Responses to “What does this life mean?”
  1. pallavjain2001 says:

    @Prasad Very well and very rightly said.
    This soul has consumed and enjoyed each and every materialistic element infinite number of times because the soul is facing the cycle of birth and death in different forms since infinite number of years and has not yet been liberated. Now it has got the form of a human being which is definitelty a result of some good karmas. In this birth there is an opportunity to know yourself and once that has been recognized then a part of the motto behind being a human being is achieved.

  2. Shruti says:

    Guys i agree to all what you had said which answers the fact that why we got the life of a human not any other being..but still find the core reason for one’s existence missing.

    Can anyone answer with what motive have we got this life?… In our mythology Karma is considered more important . The human life is considered to be “Karma Pradhan”.

    So, what’s the kind of ‘assigned task’ or say ‘karma’ for us to be born as humans? What is it that we got to achieve in this life? Can anybody answer that or me?


  3. palakmathur says:

    @Shruti I also ask several question of the same genre as yours. But never got answers to them.

  4. pallavjain2001 says:

    @Shruti and Palak: Let me try to explain the things in more detail.
    We all know that there is a soul that resides in this body. But the concern is that we never try to ponder upon the questions like; How does this soul look like?, What are the attributes of this soul?, How the soul resides in this materialistic body? etc. Everybody knows that when someone dies this material body remains here and the soul goes and occupies some other body depending upon previous karmas. We also know that we are not this material body because if we had been then we would be counted in the non-living thing but we are living. So this gives an indication to us that we are something apart from the material body and that something is nothing but the soul. Now close your eyes for a minute and try to distinguish between the body and the soul. Try to see your body and the soul separately. We don’t know how the soul looks like but we know it is there so, just try to assume that it is there. At this moment you will realize that whatever names that have been given like pallav, palak, shruti etc are all given to this body. Whatever attributes we use as adjectives like attractive,charming etc are all about this body which is material. Here you got an indication that you are the soul but the question that will arise in your mind is “How should I relate this soul to myself?”. If you have reached here then it means you have at least considered yourself apart from the body but not yet recognized yourself fully. And to do that self realization we need to study Dharma in more depth and understand what is says because Dharma helps you in recognizing yourself by telling you about the attributes of this soul, its form and composition etc. The state when you have identified yourself completely is called ‘Samyak Darshan’ which means ‘Right Faith’.
    Here a question may arise that ‘What are we going to get after knowing ourselves’. Answer is: Once started seeing yourself as the soul you will realize that this soul is the only object in this whole universe which is yours and no other smallest of the smallest element is yours. And this realization opens the path towards attaining the ultimate bliss i.e. Nirvana.
    Please also understand that Dharma does not ask you to disown your home,family,work and this body but it says that living among all this take some time out and use this body in the right direction to understand what dharma says and how it shows the way to know yourself. The renunciation will happen automatically.
    So, primarily this is the assigned task for us being as humans. Humans have the capability to recognize themselves and that is why it is said that don’t let this birth go waste and try to start knowing yourself apart from the rest of the universe so that a foundation towards Moksha is formed.
    I hope this explanation answers your question to some extent.

    P.S. As we devote time in knowing the affairs of the world similarly we should devote some of it in understanding spirituality and religion. Most of the questions will be answered on their own.

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