The Legacy

What type of society do we want to live in? What type of nation do we want? What type of environment we wish to strive in? The answer to these never answered question is unknown because we never tried to answer them or to ask someone to clear our doubts, because we are too reluctant to think and feel, the race to excel has rendered us still, we do have emotions but we can not feel, we do have brains but we can not think, we do have legs but we cant run, we do have hands but we restrict their use when someone exploits us, what type of life are we living, what we really are, it seems that we are carrying our own corpuses (dead bodies) on our own shoulders, we are live but we do not have any will to survive, we had died in search of light, and we died in darkness, we killed our own hope to survive. We have killed our own selves, in the race to gather resources, to earn money, but for whom?

When policemen rape minors, when government orders to shoot the gathering masses, when a servicemen gets transfers and assaults for being good, when we get thrashed up when we raise our voices for our rights, and when duties are considered foolish acts of scoundrels, when traitors are called upon as chief guests in school functions, when we see the most hard core criminals winning elections and mocking the democracy, when we see media persons shooting a burning victim rather then pouring a bucket of water on them, when we see that its easier to live corrupted then living uncorrupted, when the government we chose exploits us till the next elections and then the other government does the same as we do not have any choice, and we see crimes committed in broad daylight in front of our very own eyes and we do nothing other than closing our eyes slowly and remembering God to help the victim.

It’s easier to dig your face in sand like ostrich when you see an upcoming danger and to believe in fate at the times of distress, and that is what we Indians really do, we do have eyes but we do not see anything, we do have tongue but we do not speak, we keep mum all the times, WHY? Are we really humans or we are slaves of our own cowardice. God help those who help themselves, but we consider ourselves as those for whom God is directly responsible to, well God do not even remembers the masses of this land, because they are too coward to help, and it seems that God want us all to die silently, because he no more hear our far cries, or either ignores them. We need to be our own Gods, we will have to decide our own fate, we will have to reincarnate ourselves, rather than waiting for the God to do the same. Because if we do not do it now, our generations will be born without any hopes to survive, do not forget that without food we can live for some time, but we die instantly without hope.

152 years ago in 1857, Mangal Pandey fired the first bullets which initiated the First War of Independence across the nation, and that was the first time when majority of the nation was speaking the same language, the enchanting language of FREEDOM, against one common foe, the British Empire. People raised their voices, even when they were severely suppressed, as there was no other option, but to fight for the Motherland’s sake. All of our freedom fighters knew that the second step after independence is Reconstruction, and the third step is creation of an ideal society, and the fourth is to construct an ideal nation. Our freedom fighters initiated their great works in achieving these goals, but most of them became martyrs during the first process of achieving freedom. They wanted to pass the baton of sacrifice and karma to their fellow nationals, because they knew that they are standing on the front line of defense and they are bound to be killed in war, they also knew that they are really short numbered and there is a requirement of more of them to force the aliens out of their land, as attaining freedom was only 25% of their game plan, those martyrs sacrificed their life, with a phony relief that their game will be played for generations and they were the first players and there will be great teams build after they are gone.

We attained freedom in 1947, 25% of the total game plan, and with a partition in gift, no body knows about the truth behind things at that time, why we achieved freedom?, why and who forced a partition? What happened to Subhash Chandra Bose?, who initiated communal violence?, because we never wanted to know those answers, we killed and were killed at that time, people get blind and deaf in such times, and politics enjoys on its victims, politics was never so haunting. These were the first foundation stones of our politics which we relish today, the foundation of the second step which was reconstruction initiated with a bloody partition.

We were awarded freedom after a long slavery, of invaders, of Britons, and that backs to more than 500 years of torture and slavery out of which 250 are given to the British Rule. Now when a nation of crores of long slaved people is granted freedom, what do you expect from them, one of our Great leader also adviced the British, not to grant freedom to India this quickly, as the nation will fall, but to grant freedom with a watch eye. British did just the opposite of that, they granted us freedom but a freedom with a curse attached to it, and that curse has taken toll since then. British were good visionaries and they got to know the real impact of their calculated actions in the coming 100 years of the future of India. They knew one thing that the people of India want to rule as they were long slaves, the foundations that they have led will only be used for further construction of India, as Indians are really lazy and they do not want to abolish the whole structure and to reconstruct the nation, the same foundation led by British, which included the bitter and poisonous extracts of regionalism, casteism, communalism, reservations, divide and rule, fear and a lot of such evils, the then politics of India has taken a new birth, and it took the same path adopted by the British, as it was successful because these factors guaranteed success, as proved by 250 years of rule of British. The reconstruction of nation was never done, yes but a bit of renovation was done, by the then “chosen” representative of India, but who chose them? They were never chosen by Indians, since then it started and proved the new definition in politics, popularity and godfatherism is the eligibility in Indian politics. A fact which lies beneath the ground as to why British, transferred the power of the slave nation to the political party existing at that stage, no one knows the answer to it, even Gandhiji asked to abolish the party once the freedom is attained and to carry out a general election for the people to chose a representative, it was never done, it might be a reason that their tongues have tasted a different taste, the taste of rule.

Things started over as people were free now, each and everyone of them wanted to fill their lungs with the new air of freedom, they breathed so hard that they sucked all of the same air and stored them in their lungs that much that for others the air became scarce, and they are the one who are considered backward nowadays. A starved person eats more than the one who is not, and he eats so quickly that the food lies in the stomach but most of it is a undigested waste. Filling the tummies of greed anyhow penetrated into the bloodlines of our forefathers, they strengthened the evils and uprooted the goods of the societies, because the goods were not letting them to use the evil ways of living, utilizing, earning and ruling. Every one wanted to be a ruler, wanted to suppress the weaker, wanted to be more stronger, wanted to collect as much as they can, wanted to live that life they ever wanted to, they really wanted to be more free to do anything they wanted to and in that race they forgot about India as a whole, they went blind in storing and utilizing resources, in bulling the weaker, that they found real pleasure in that. They used the most hated methods in order to proclaim their divine right to rule and to get the most concentration of resources, with them that they forgot the real meaning of democracy and freedom, even thieves in India stated talking of freedom to do anything, and traitors spoke of equal right in democracy, as all were enjoying the existence of these two terms of democracy and freedom, according to their own individual consent and will. People like them love to relish the plight of the needy, people like them who got guns, gold and game, were the one who were invited to join Indian politics, in order to the gain the maximum from some constituency, these were the situations which gained grounds at those time at what we were digging our teeths on the fruits of freedom.

Today our very own nation India is infected with lots of diseases that are working from inside and do not show their effect on the other surfaces. Who does not know, how corruption has deepened its roots in the very own soil where we are trying to flourish, who does not know how wicked the Indian politics has gone, who does not know its really getting harder and harder for a good citizen to strive in this nation, and many even make plans to leave this land as soon as they get a chance to do. Sometimes, when we are really depressed and when we try to look around ourselves, the situation around us make us more depressed rather than reliving us from our depression. This whole effort is to make us know the grounds where we should stand and the ground where we are standing today.
No God will save. No Never.


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