So Tender, So Nice…

So tender,So nice,

God’s own creation,

Explaining her beauty,

Needs divine narration,

She smiles,Sun shines,

And world open its eyes,

She thinks,She sinks,

Shaking eternal links,

Being pure,She is sure,

That love is the cure,

Which she pours,

From her core,

Made of shiny lunar ore,

Her heart’s make,

Is like a deep lake,

Take a dip & be awake,

She seldom cares,

For her own sakes,

The more she gives,

The less she takes.

We are humans,

With spine,

But you are divine.

Take these words of mine,

That you are divine.

Where ever you are

everything will be fine,

We are waiting for you,

see you soon some other time.

–For Artemis, From Ankit Panch

2 Responses to “So Tender, So Nice…”
  1. Leila says:

    its really great 🙂

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