Live and Let Live

Imagine a situation:
You have been handcuffed. You are crying,shouting and screaming but no one is there to pay attention towards you. You are trying to see if anyone can see you and save you but everyone is indifferent towards you. Now a man with a big and very sharp knife in his hands is approaching you. You get intimidated but without showing any pity on you he pushes you down on the floor and takes hold of your neck very tightly. You know what he is up to and also you know no one is there to even listen to your painful cry. Now he puts that knife on your neck and pushes the knife’s blade strongly into your skin. Blood starts flowing out but he doesn’t stop and pushes the knife more harder that cuts your vocal cord and chops your neck bone. Then more harder and harder to finally behead you. You are agonizing in irresistible and intolerable pain because you are still not dead. But this is not the end. After beheading you, in no time he peels off the skin from rest of your body and starts chopping the body into pieces. Till now you were alive and suffered all that gruesome pain.

Why am I asking you to imagine such an experience which you can’t even think of happening with you and which gives you goosebumps and frightens you when you try to ponder upon it??

Because this frightening experience happens with innumerable animals daily in every corner of the world!!

Countless innocent animals are slaughtered daily to become the food of we ‘The Inhuman Humans’. We never want this kind of experience to happen with us but when it happens with animals then it is OK.Why?
We assume that these animals don’t have the sense to feel but this is not true at all. They also cry,shout and scream in pain when slaughtered or when hurt.
There are butcher houses where animals like cow,buffalo,ox are tortured and their skin is peeled off to make leather goods. They are tied tightly with ropes and since their skin is very hard so to make it soft, hot boiling water is poured over their body. Then the skin is peeled off which leaves them dead/half dead sometimes. Then rest of their body is cut into pieces and used for several other purpose.
All this is done for different needs of we The Inhuman Humans.

If thought upon carefully then you will realize that we eat all sort of different edible and inedible(non-veg) products just for the taste of this 2.5 inches long tongue. Once food goes inside no one knows what had been eaten. It is the tongue that tells what you are eating and how does it taste. And it is just the taste of this tongue that compels us to eat even animal made products. We should put some control on the demands of these five senses because their only job is to ask for something or the other but we the humans have the power and prudence to bring them under our control.

Sometimes we justify by saying that we are not actually killing these animals but it is the butcher who does so. But we don’t understand that these are killed for the people like us. There is Demand that is why there is Supply. Each and every person who consumes non-veg or animal products is contributing to the killing of these animals. We should put ourselves at their place and empathize their pain.

Please don’t live in a misconception that we are maintaining any ecological balance by killing and eating the animals but actually we are disturbing the whole of it.
There is no bravery in killing these innocent and weak animals but bravery is in saving them and letting them live freely.

In the end I would like to say: “Jiyo Aur Jeene Do” i.e. “Live and Let Live”.

17 Responses to “Live and Let Live”
  1. palakmathur says:

    We obviously are not carnivorous, but we are equally obviously not strict vegetarians, if you carefully examine the anatomical, physiological and fossil evidence. According to a 1999 article in the journal The Ecologist, several of our physiological features “clearly indicate a design” for eating meat, including “our stomach’s production of hydrochloric acid, something not found in herbivores. Furthermore, the human pancreas manufactures a full range of digestive enzymes to handle a wide variety of foods, both animal and vegetable. “While humans may have longer intestines than animal carnivores, they are not as long as herbivores’; nor do we possess multiple stomachs like many herbivores, nor do we chew cud,” the magazine adds. “Our physiology definitely indicates a mixed feeder.”

  2. palakmathur says:

    If people were designed to be strict vegetarians, we would have a specialized colon, specialized teeth and a stomach that doesn’t have a generalized pH-all the better to handle roughage. Tom Billings, a vegetarian for three decades and site editor of, believes humans are natural omnivores. Helping prove it, he says, is the fact that people have a low synthesis rate of the fatty acid DHA and of taurine, suggesting our early ancestors relied on animal foods to get these nutrients. Vitamin B-12, also, isn’t reliably found in plants. That, Billings says, left “animal foods as the reliable source during evolution.”

    History argues in favor of the omnivore argument, considering that humans have eaten meat for 2.5 million years or more, according to fossil evidence. Indeed, when researchers examined the chemical makeup of the teeth of an early African hominid that lived in woodlands three million years ago, they expected to learn that our ancestor lived on fruits and leaves. “But the isotopic clues show that it ate a varied diet, including either grassland plants or animals that themselves fed on grasses,” reported the journal Science in 1999.

  3. pallavjain2001 says:

    @Pranay Yes I have to say that this is an old motherly tale but it still holds true. You go to any elite management school, attend sessions that talk about personal grooming; everywhere they tell you to empathize and the motto behind this is to make you learn the things and to make you understand how to react in different situations. And this word ’empathize’, exactly means the same so called ‘Motherly Tale’ which makes you put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
    See I am not talking about whether humans were initially carnivorous or herbivorous. I am talking about where your prudence is today?
    I have an answer to your question about people living in sub climates but that answer will start a new separate discussion altogether. To give you a hint of it, it is related to your karmas which wrote your destiny to such a place.
    Yes there are instances where calves are deprived of their mothers’ milk and I am not supporting that too but this can not be generalized. Also this cannot be compared with depriving a calf, not just of its mother’s milk but also of its mother by killing the calf and the mother! We never see what mistakes we are doing at macro level but to justify our part we get into the micro level first and because of that it leads to a no solution end.

    @Palak I know how much you and other non-vegetarian folks eat for the sake of nutrition and vitamins. If that was the concern then you would have been on the diet of green vegetables,pulses and fruits but not non-veg. So, it is futile to justify by saying that most of the people eat non-veg for nutrition and all.

  4. Satish says:

    Please stop giving misleading information. There are thousands of researches focused on isolated factors, but it is a scientifically proved fact that human anatomy resembles more to herbivores. I don’t want to waste my time in giving references, just google it and you will get everything.

    History of human being is actually evolution of human into ‘vegetarian’.

    There are two arguments generally made against vegetarian diet.
    1] Lack of complete Protien
    2] Lack of B12.

    We do not eat veggie food in isolation. We always eat pulses with grains and nuts. Vegetables provide anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. B12 is naturally produced in body, with consumption of milk there is no chance of B12 deficiency.

  5. palakmathur says:

    @Pallav It doesn’t matter for what reasons I eat meat. I only quoted to prove that humans are omnivores.

    @Satish Please check that I have quoted it from Ecologist and not have put anything from my side. There are researches going on and will continue in this field but most of them have concluded that humans are omnivores. Now you talk about milk. And even some researches show that human digestive system is not meant for milk from other animals specially cow and buffalo.

  6. Satish says:

    “There are researches going on and will continue in this field but most of them have concluded that humans are omnivores.”

    Who told you? In fact it is other way round. I’m a Doctor (M.D. Anatomy) by profession and know what I’m talking about.

    Milk is a source of complete protein and very easy to digest.

    Why are you continuously referring to unestablished facts? Why not go through something which is well-established?

  7. palakmathur says:

    @Satish You already in your earlier post said to google for the researches. And being an ignorant person (not an MD, for that matter even MBBS), how will I decide which is the best source or not. If for any reason, The Ecologist is dumb then I can’t be sure about other sources either. If you have any pointers to the well-established facts, then please provide them. Anyways, it will only help to increase the knowledge, won’t change my eating habits. šŸ™‚

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