Team India Will Strike Back!

Few days back, Indian team packed their bags to return back to their home land with the shattered hopes of millions of people back home. The team that was followed by an enormous crowd cheering, dancing and singing all their way, that team would have been praying a peaceful and danger less journey to their homes this time. The media that took the team to cloud 9 before world cup has just been digging its grave since its exit from the tournament. Each and every sentence that was said by Dhoni is literally put under scanner by media. The hero of the nation “Mahi” has just been turned down to the Villain of the nation .The news channels are flooded by the news of the loss, but why not? He represents the most awaited, prestigious and lovable game of the nation. But is the response that he is getting after this loss right? Well in my opinion “NO”. Last night i was watching a news channel debate on Dhoni, a news reporter (very well known for blowing smallest possible thing out of proportion) was debating with former Indian team player Bishen Sing Bedi. Reporter point was that when Dhoni gets all the accolades when the team wins he must get all the hammering when the team loses. When he gets huge sums of money, so much of popularity when team wins then why should not we target him when the team fails to reach the next stage .Well on the whole he makes sense, but we are not talking about a business deal or anything like that. We are talking about a game in which there are certain aspects which can be completely out of hand of an individual, and Dhoni is no exception.

Dhoni is a man who came completely out of blue, making an explosive entry with his flamboyant and fearless batting style. He was made the captain of One day team in the very initial stage of his Cricketing career, and was followed by the captainship of Test matches after Anil Kumble’s retirement. Expectations were meant to be higher as always been for any Indian Cricket captain, and Dhoni delivered in style always. Be it Victory in Australia, on South Africa, in West Indies or in New Zealand and many more, Dhoni lead the way from the front. Dhoni’s captainship provided the “Holy grail of Cricket”, The World Cup, which probably no Indian fan would have thought that he will see Indian team lifting the Cup in his life time again.

One common thing that was common in all these victories was the peculiar decision making of Dhoni. The decision may include sending a tail ender up the order or starting the bowling attack with a spinner .He always played a gamble in big games which always paid off in favour of India. Who would have thought that he would give the last over of T20 World Cup to Joginder Sharma with Pakistan needing less than 10 in that over and MisbahUl haq was on song. The trick worked and India got the world cup. No one ever commented on this decision because the ultimate result was Indian victory that washed all the doubts and Hard feelings in every body’s mind. But in this world cup, the things did not come off. It lost the games in close encounters. The team was almost the same or in few regards stronger, but at few occasions the team missed out. What came off was the anger and publicity stunts of our country’s media. The colours of their skin changed faster than anything and they forgot the previous achievements of their beloved captain. They did everything to make people hate their own champion team. What my main point through all this discussion is that “Ups and Downs” will always remain the parts of the game and specially these ups and downs add to the beauty of the game .In the hour of crisis all we need to do is to stick to our team and do not completely forgot them just because few news reporters who probably would never have hold a bat at a decent level comments on our great players. Dhoni is and will remain one of the best captains ever produced by India and we all hope that in future he will take Indian team to new heights in World Cricket.

2 Responses to “Team India Will Strike Back!”
  1. shailendra says:

    Nice post …!!! Can not agree more…!!
    Cricket is a sport and not a war, we should learn to take defeat in our strides.

  2. @Ishu I totally agree with you.
    As victory accepted so does the defeat be accepted positively. It is not that our cricketers don’t want to win but sometimes even after putting your complete effort things are destined to be against what had been expected.

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