Media Outlook Can Change India’s Outlook

Its very own Human nature that his personality, outlook and attitude are governed by the things he observes around. Don’t you think Media plays a major role in moulding our way of thinking? As they say “Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil” has very important significance in today’s world. Today the News on the TV Channels has become the fodder for our discussion at the tea time. So the Question is can it be used positively or in other words can it be used to transfrom India’s Outlook?

As mentioned in the last post on Vichar Vahak itself  that  “Mahi our own hero can be portrayed as the villain in one day”, if media has such an enormous power  then we should use this untapped potential in some constructive direction. Just consider any guy at next door, he opens his eyes in morning with “News Paper In Hand” and watching some “ Breaking News” that is time when he starts making his mindset for the day ahead. I agree negative news like “India Pakistan relationship getting worse” attracts more of our attention because this is a kind of human psychology but just for the sake of TRP in Electronic Media and for the sake of Advertisements that is the driving force for the Print Media can they play with the outlook of India. If you look at the front page of your News Paper then it is always piled up with the Negative news like “Shiney Ahuja Raped His Maid” and blah blah blah and same is the case with our News channels Breaking News, so the situation for a common man is like nothing good is happening in the World. I agree these negative news have their own importance but don’t you think if they are shifted to some 3rd or 4th page and these News channel bring down these Breaking News to any normal news then at least we can hope for a healthy mindset and  an optimistic Indian. So, if media act responsibly then this fire can be used to build the faith in oneself for his country so that at least we always wear a positive outlook.

One Response to “Media Outlook Can Change India’s Outlook”
  1. palakmathur says:

    Definitely media can change the outlook of any society. Media and press has played an important role in every era. Be it being used as to propagate nationalistic ideas and thoughts among the masses during Freedom struggle or after independence in the formation of a new nation, press and media has played an important role. In Doordarshan days, media played a role of a major educator and thought spreader. If media can be a little more serious than it currently is and understand its role and responsibility well, then certainly it can bring a wide change in the society.

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