When Did It Became Cool To Hate India…?

Mr Dear Blogger Who Belittles NSG,

People like you and many leading journalists, openly publishing anti-India, hate-India propaganda in Indian dailies, and not a word is said – not a single editorial, no public criticism, nothing? When did it become so cool to hate India?

Parliamentarians from Pakistan visit India and many MP’s from India including ex-PM’s fall head over heel to please them. Nobody gives a two penny thought to ask them to go and offer their two minute silence at the Samadhi/ plaque of the cops who were killed in trying to protect INDIAN PARLIAMENT /MPs. Since, they are MPs from a country which instigated and plotted this. Do our MP’s have any sense of personal gratitude to those cops, leave alone sense of pride in that great institution.
Afghanistan has been “freed” and India offers buses / hospitals etc. All sorts of aids… Even their fucking traffic policemen are being trained by the Delhi Police…. But still those Afganistani Hijackers?? We [Press/ Govt/ experts/Citizens] are not even keeping track of what happened to those hijackers. Should we not catch them where-ever they are????

The observation that vast swathes of Indian society had sunk into a total inward looking state with a strong ability to criticize itself and mock any attempt at looking up…

No matter what happens and how it happens, it is India that is at fault, Indians are responsible. Journalists say that they must remain balanced. That word again?

The whole balance thing – never allow any good news on India.

For those ecstatic at the projection of the Tejas’, this all means that the ‘Made in India’ tag as a symbol of indigenous capability, a sobering thought. Its engine is American, its avionics a combination of French, Israeli and Swedish components, and its carbon composite wings Italian. Given that the three basic components of an aircraft are the engine, airframe and avionics, ‘swadeshi’ pride gets a dose of reality.” – Vijay Thapar

In spite, of the fact, that a simple internet search, would have given Mr. Thapar access to all possible details on LCA – he either chose not to do so or prefers to remain balanced. So, let us take each of his facts one by one.

What he did not tell you was:

  • The GE engine is a test engine, to be replaced soon by an India’s Kaveri.
  • Another fact, the most advanced fourth generation fighter called Grippen, also uses the same GE engine, but nobody calls the Swedish Grippen non-indigenous.
  • It also turns out that the new fifth generation aircraft from the US (F/A22) uses Israeli avionics.
  • Truth is, that apart from a few measly displays, almost everything else in the LCA’s avionics- Mission Computers, Radar, Display Processors, Avionics LRU’s, data bus associated control equipment is – Indian.
  • The composite wing technology was co-developed with the Italians – in fact, some of the associated software was sold by INDIA to Airbus.

No mention of the most-advanced Fly-by-Wire technology in a fourth-generation aircraft, no mention of the sale to Airbus – simply the balanced approach to hide India’s accomplishments.

So Mr Incognito… why are you belittling the men of NSG… Why hate the army?? And stop supporting our troops? I wonder. When did it stop being cool to love your country? When did you decide that you know more than the most patriotic minds in our country? Do you believe that our Army doesn’t want to do something because it’s afraid to lose face? WOW! I wonder how sad is it to believe that some of our finest men don’t care about our country!!

Armed Forces… Police… are there to do the job they are ordered to do; they did NOT choose not to do anything…. We do the bidding of our own Government’s and thus with Democracy, we have in turn done the bidding “of the people” by extension. That includes you…if you can call yourself an Indian… is u ashamed?? Maybe…

If you don’t want the forces to sit still, that is fine; however, don’t stop your heart-felt support for the Women and Men that are doing what YOUR ELECTED GOVERNMENT (ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE) are ordering them to do….

Why do they die?? Why?

Is it for a 400 rupee increment in the salary for a Param Veer Chakra Winner??

Is it because we are as good as killers, who just wanting to spill some blood??

They don’t even get recognition when they die Brother… Media propensity to call our soldiers “troops” when reporting casualties. Troops have the connotation of faceless numbers of soldiers, anonymous and lacking in identity. A soldier is an individual, a unique. When these brave soldiers die, they deserve the dignity of recognition of their individuality. Do they rebel….???

We must never forget that the sole purpose of the existence of our Armed Forces is to deter any aggressor and, if necessary, fight to kill. Their whole training is designed with this in mind.

But then have you ever attended any Army/ Other Forces remembrance functions???

How much we killed… How many we slaughtered… To celebrate and thus glorify this objective is not the thing going on there… On the other hand, to acknowledge their contribution to our security and remember the sacrifice that many of their members make in time of war is the purpose of Remembrance Day.

Wonder how every soldier talks about dying for his country not killing… while the fact remains that No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country, he won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his. ?? Do think about this rather than just sitting and taking pot-shots at the Army…. or those brave men of NSG…

We have an easy job… you know… We just have to protect… it is to you to make India grow… To make something for us to protect… but when I see people like you… I wonder what we are protecting…..

Anyway, still you have the right to say anything… right… because its people like us… who are cremated with the flag wrapped on our coffins… who give the right to burn that seemingly meaningless piece of cloth… enjoy your freedom…

8 Responses to “When Did It Became Cool To Hate India…?”
  1. elenahk says:

    I don’t hate India!

  2. Leila says:

    Dear weblog admin
    Please change the blog pattern
    It was better before

  3. palakmathur says:

    @Leila Can you elaborate a little more on pattern as we had not decided on a specific pattern?

  4. pushpinder says:


    the problem with “bloody indians” is that

    “it doesn’t matter if its not for them”

    get my point ?

    and instead of you people wasting time over wordpress… get together and open an NGO named Vichar Vahak and work on education people on population control etc…

    95% indians do not read blogs…

  5. palakmathur says:

    @pushpinder Agree with you. We should go ahead and do some work for the masses and help them get educated. Opening an NGO can be a good thing.

  6. ankitpanch says:


    Its easier to preach than to….practice…!!

  7. ankitpanch says:

    The rest 5 percent…comment mercilessly…

  8. pushpinder says:

    I already have an NGO to work with

    Association for Social Kause

    We cater to helping Orphanage’s, Tree Plantation and Primary Education for Slum Kids in Chandigarh and Punjab.

    Your first comments depict your moral character of sticking to wordpress instead… please ignore my comments and GET A LIFE !

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