Whenever there are wounds of life,
either too shallow or deep as knife’s,
My search for cure could’ve never ended,
till found ur face where my eyes landed,
Innocence reveals there no secrets inside,
whatever is in is seen clearly outside,
So pure are the visible emotions seen,
they point divine unmoved and never lean,
Pious is the heart unmoved from its duty,
of to shower love and add to divine beauty
So pure divine are the feeling there,
wish i can stay and rest forever there,
I need your space forever my life,
as i need peace to settle and to strive
Give me a chance and devotion i’ll show,
u are worth worship for me for rebirths in row
the time was not mine when it started,
and i was weak so it kept you parted,
but as i have rosen with my strengths,
to get u back i’ll cross every length,
how hard be the cruel exploiter’s fury,
ill fight with dignity,honour and glory,
may i reach to you before last sleep,
reunion with u for me is a giant leap,
the resort in your eyes which i have seen,
want to rest there forever and i am keen.


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