A poem from the experience of my yesteryears

On goes the Sojourner…

As I crossed the bridging grey
over the waters at eventide,
I gazed at the colloidal clouds
sparkling with sunrays ‘twixt themselves,
quickly fading into unison
with the shadows of the evening,
that stole across the scarlet sky.

Yet another day was done,
The night with its overture,
folded back the lily,
and held my spirits at bay-
Yet another tavern to seek,
at my journeys end.

The waters so calmed,
and the breeze now warm,
the murky brown moon,
And the glimmering stars,
that shone across the sky
had an ‘oft heard lesson to preach.

The darkness slowly deepened,
and I to myself was left
In anxious thoughts of solitude,
I began to worry of the morrow
when the voice of the preacher,
now heightened in tone,
began to comfort my soul.

“Why do you lament
the sun gone down,
anxiously await the dawn ?
For, if it was in His wisdom
for the sun to guide you by day,
was not it for the moon and stars by night?”

“Is not every surge of tide,
to fix your eyes on the lighthouse ashore?
With every ebb tide,
does not His name be glorified?
Yet cant thou see the charm of lily,
so multiplied in the primrose?”

Words of wisdom, surely were they-
Murky that was the moon,
began to show in its brilliance,
Glimmering that were the stars,
began to direct my way
Every doubt I’d left behind,
And closer was I to my final halt.

Comforted now, again I thought,
Would not have been the journey gloom,
without this evensong?
Will not the charm of the primrose,
be magnified to another,
If I were to sing to him?

2 Responses to “A poem from the experience of my yesteryears”
  1. palakmathur says:

    Nice poem!! Actually it also conveys my experiences too!!

  2. Priti Mathur says:

    yeah..good one
    @Palak what are ur expereinces??

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