Times were not in my easy favors,
And they made me taste all flavors,
Walking down on the tip of razors,
Is easier than to witness these tremors.

Lot is in my heart than anger and pain,
May be an animal’s but not insane,
Roamed in wild never found any lane,
Tried hard till now but all gone in vain.

Now, got nothing neither of my treasures,
Time again laughed at my leisure,
Down I lie captive in relational seizure,
But I only wished for yours pleasure.

Painted friendly before these rains,
All showed true colors in their gains,
Pulled me up and tied me in chains,
Shocked I was so I felt no pains.

Always ruled my life and hated mergers,
Inspite of all forced external pressures,
Time showed me its angry gestures,
And I fought to save my scanty pastures.

But still the blood is red in my veins,
I truthfully accept all ruthless canes,
Rather you take me false or sane,
I lived the pain, and that’s what built me in-sane.



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