Sensations rolling on the hearts, making them beat faster,
Uninterrupted smiles on the faces, of the deprived,
Rejoicing in the eternal pleasure, of the divine,
The love has came in its full bloom, and it rose…

Scent flowing in the air, vibrating the mortal existence,
With the spiritual experience, happiness prevailing.
The exhausted finally found the required bliss,
The love has came in its full bloom, and it rose again…

Larger it spreads, like the holy fire, engulfing every heart
Purifying it in the fire, sacrificing the evil fuel,
In its full form, the divine, the eternal, the heart rises too,
The love arrives again in it, and it rises further…

Bright the sky, stars lightening with the cosmic light,
Never was it so bright, neither were the hearts so pure,
Sky showers the heavenly bliss, and the mortals rejoice,
The love has came, no more, no less, just it rose again…

The Heavenly laughs seeing the joy of His children,
The mortals realizing their ignorance, higher they rose,
Nearer to the Almighty, closer to a new creation,
Creation of love, territory of love, and love rose again…

Never were hearts such, love filled, lighter,beating together,
Producing the celestial music, music of creation,
Initiation of true humanity, realizing the dream, and the reality,
The truth stands, higher above the existence, of the mortals,
The love rose further, and firmly held the truth higher…

The higher the truth rose, the more faith then it revealed,
Faith in oneness, and in the universal realm, the realm of faith,
The faith in indifference,and faith rose higher, trust takes birth,
Mortals further rejoiced in trance, in unconditional trust, trust in love….

And all rose high, higher, closer,
nearer, in the cosmos, nearer to him,
this was not the end,
this was the beginning…
love brought it…divine and pure…

( this is bound to happen, if not today, someday )

— Ankit Panch

2 Responses to “THE BEGINNING…”
  1. dilip says:

    great poem
    really nice to read it

  2. Sonia says:

    WOW!! tat is something heart touching…

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