Social Media – An Evolving Trend in PR

Early social networking websites started in the form of general online communities such as “The Well” around 25 years back. These early communities focused on bringing people together to interact with each other through chat rooms and share personal information.  This was much before blogging actually started.

The increase in the use of social networking sites by various brand masters to advertise or to do businesses is under constant observation. The competition in turn has transformed into close and aggressive form as we are moving on with latest technologies in hand. Social networks connect people or brands to their target audience (TA) efficiently and at low cost or sometimes free. This is why it is beneficial for entrepreneurs and small businessman looking to expand their contact base through online mediums.

Retrospectively, not every brand excel in this online medium, for example Rasna had experimented with the online medium two years ago and spent Rs. 50 lakh for space on some of the popular sites like Yahoo. But the experiment didn’t succeed, as Rasna has decided to stick to the traditional advertising space (source: Business Standard August, 2009). Despite of the above case, most of the agencies are more willing to support online Public Relations or advertising in today’s scenario.

As far as Public Relation(PR) sector is concern, the Indian PR industry has about 1,200-1,500 agencies with total manpower strength of 30,000 to 40,000 and is tend to double itself by 2011 from current $3 billion due to increase in competition rate among numerous PR agencies. Besides IT, Corporate and FMCG clients, the Public Sector, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are amongst other potential clients who show huge area of growth for both the agencies as well as for the clients.

For Online PR, the results are yet to come out, as we are riding high on the ladder of the digital or new social media. Functioning of PR is not that advance with online mediums, primarily in tapping the right TA for every brand. Most of the agencies are still following the traditional form of doing PR, which consumes more time, money and manpower. However, online PR is in the nascent stage; for that matter it will have to nurture further more to be successful in providing PR solutions to its clients through Web 2.0.

Conclusively, the aim was to give you a general awareness on PR in India. Nevertheless, 90% of the masses have no idea about the term  “Public Relation”. Watch this space to know more about PR coming soon from my pen.

7 Responses to “Social Media – An Evolving Trend in PR”
  1. Dipti Mathur says:

    This article is very interesting!! 🙂
    Can’t comment much on PR but what I have read here has increased my knowledge about PR.

  2. palakmathur says:

    Nice to know that businesses like PR are using social networking sites. However, I feel disheartened when they start using blogs. I have seen blog of Rediffusion PR agency and it lacks the vision. Why the hell will someone like to know about social media from a PR firm. Use social media to market yourself, to reach out to many, to project yourself to your clients. Please don’t indulge in commenting on social media and how it is changing the world. People would prefer to know about your business rather than social media from blogs of companies like Rediffusion as there are many evangelist on the internet for social media. Why should one return to your blog each day? This is possible when you write something unique. Use the social media with a proper thought and don’t use it for the sake of using it as it is the buzz word these days.

    • pritimath says:

      The Rediffusion PR blog was not for public domain. Basically it was meant for its employees staff there to share and exchange the knowledge about W 2.0 and virtual world (Whatever we had been discussed in digital session) and to increase their writing skills..

      The idea behind starting Rediffusion PR blog is to get self educated before proposing the client about doing PR activities on blogs besides traditional form of doing PR. We use to post the articles according to the digital sessions and to learn how to write blogs. Because in near future, in order to offer digital PR we had to create a buzz around for our respective clients through these blogs …

      • palakmathur says:

        It makes some sense. However, I still feel that you don’t need someone to tell you how to write. No one can teach it. You were wasting your time and energy and the company its money on these sessions and paying someone for a some stupid thing.

  3. Priti Mathur says:

    How can be blogs are so stupid thing for a blogger like you??
    The person was not teaching us how to write..He was actually educating us how to write on blogs.. One can not write an essay on blogs.. People still dont know much about writing on blogs..

    Always it not about teaching..guidance is also essential part of grooming.. thats what he was doing.. – giving guidance “How to go about it”

    • palakmathur says:

      That is what I am saying!! No one needs separate education on how to write blogs. What the hell were we doing for 10+2+4+ so many years studying. If we have learnt of our lessons well then it would have sufficed.

      When we talk about blogs, then don’t take it something different from normal writing. It is just another name.

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