On the BlogWagon … wrooommmm !!!

Never has been a time less opportune than this to start writing. Its 10 days to my exams and I hardly know any subjects. Nevertheless I just read that “Never can there be a right time to do things. If there is, then it is now“. So here I go. Starting off with a small narration of the college feel and a few things here and there.

The mood in NITIE has been upbeat for past few days. Two major trophies, YES bank transformation series and HUL LIME case study, have been added to the NITIE showcase, all credit to the well deserving teams who put up a strong case against tough competition from top B-Schools in the country. Hope to see these events translate into reinforcing brand NITIE in the industry and on the college front translate into more participation and prises.

The mood in Room 218, well this is my room in hostel 5, has never had a strong correlation with the happenings outside, though we do get inspired often to follow in such luminous footsteps and get disinterested faster seeing that either the shoe size does not match or the direction the steps are heading does not head towards the destination in our mind. But 218  knows that the path to be taken by each person is unique and ours is going to be what we want. Coming to the point what we want or what we are headed for is a matter to be put in ink later.

Theres a lot to say but this is enough for the first one. Adios for now …


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