“What it takes to believe in something which is difficult to believe.”

We all believe in certain things, theories, ideologies, figures, ideals, people, customs, religions, being human we can not stay away from thinking and believing. Belief the product of thought process of the mind, a thought process which has build up in our minds, from the time of birth, being fed up with the teachings of parents, friends, schools, government, religions, society, and self learning, the thought process feeds itself until it has all the resources to build a belief, a belief can be said to be a iterative product of the so called thought process, it is iterative because the belief is itself a prototype an stronger version of it replaces the old. We carry our beliefs with us, in all quarters of life, it is only our beliefs that come up with us all time, and make us work in the direction, they want to lead us, they look inseparable from us and so we keep on feeding our beliefs with whatever they need to grow. When the belief needs something from us, to get stronger, it produces the desire in us, and then the desire is materialized in the materialistic environments, through our efforts. Desires are in fact the product of our beliefs, for example, I believe I should get a job, I desire a job; I believe I should get married; I desire to get married. The beliefs are working under cover inside us to create in us the never ending desires, which we think are essential for our individual need to survive. The beliefs create a mental environment of their own, starting from what you are going to think, to what we are going to materialize in real life, which we call up individualist Ego. Creation of an Ego, starts from the day when we start to think and start to believe, which in turn comes up with desires, and the ego survives for the rat race of fulfillments of desires, in competition with other egos involved. Collectively all work together, thoughts, beliefs, ego, on a degree of symbiosis, feeding each other, and growing together.

Understanding the anatomy of belief, and the thought process involved, is essential to understand to differentiate between a forced belief and a natural belief. Here, comes up another set of questions, how is a natural belief is different from a forced belief? How to find in ourselves as to what we believe in is natural or forced on us? So the simple idea to understand it is, whatever that can be forced is not natural, and whatever that is natural does not need to be forced. Each human lives on the verge of an intersection of the collective beliefs and personal beliefs, where the collective beliefs always torture the personal belief, being fed with education (again not knowledge) and entangled in the spider web of desire, the natural beliefs are suppressed by our ego, hence we all become what others want us to be. Being educated each second with the surrounding individual egos, creates a set of forced belief and a forced ego, still the individual self which is always more human than the surrounding human egos, keeps with it a very strong set of belief seeds, which create natural belief . Some may ask now, why natural belief is in seed form? It is because this is how it grows, if it is not a seed but a fully grown tree of natural beliefs, it can be completely rooted out of us though forced beliefs and ego, just as a seed is capable of growing in a full grown tree, with the arrival of favorable conditions, it lies dormant in us, but it does not mean it is not living.

To understand the difference between real self and an ego, what that comes up, is whatever that is a real self can not be the part of ego, and whatever that is ego is not real self. What is a real self? Real self is what for natural beliefs, what ego is for the forced beliefs, is that strongest part in us which even keeps its identity alive, and tolerates the whips of the ego, but still it can not be destroyed at any costs, and just waits for the favorable showers (conditions) to sprout and grow from the belief seed, to come up as a tree. Whereas, the forced belief initiated by us, through a calculative outcome of the education, we get, keep on gathering momentum and grows itself in a high fashion, like the weed trying to capture every ground in us, in inseparable integration with ego, which gives us the belief of egoist individualism.

Now coming over to the question, How to find in ourselves as to what we believe in is natural or forced on us? To answer this is not too hard, as this is a question whose answer is known to most of us, and if you can differentiate between the forced beliefs and natural beliefs, then here it is known by you too that the seed of your natural belief is sprouting in you, though it may be a slow growth, due to the vast expanse of the weed of ego and forced beliefs. For those who do not know, for them there is a very natural way to know the answer, find the roots of your beliefs, if their source is found in a collective system (family, society, religion, government, media, education), it is obviously forced upon you, and if what that starts from you, yourself, is all yours naturally.

Acceptance of forced beliefs taking them as real and the only available set of beliefs, by discarding the natural beliefs, is the cause of growth of unreal Ego which is not our real self, Ego is the creation of an unnatural individual identity which protects the said set of beliefs, and hence tries to shield them. Whenever the forced beliefs on us are hurt, the ego gathers up, and tend to destroy everything that comes up in its way as a threat and so multiplies itself many times when confronted by another ego acting as a shield. But a shield always only protects the holder, and can not harm the other, but ego hurts others too, so it is actually a destructive weapon not actually a shield. The cause of violence, is the ego, and it is what that do not let us believe in what we want to believe in, and what we want to believe in, is what our real self asks for and so it gets harder and harder, to believe in something which our real self wants to, because the ego, and the forced beliefs, make it harder for us.

As nature accepts everything as it is, the natural real self in us, and the natural beliefs, take us towards the goal of tolerance and respect for every existing belief. The farther we go away from these, the harder gets for us to accept, respect or tolerate other set of beliefs, and leads to My belief better than yours.

Even if we like to associate ourselves to a belief that we like, it gets harder because of the existing ego, and other set of contradicting beliefs in us, which push ourselves in a state of confusion, where we find hard to get rid of the efforts of years which we put in the development of our ego and then it becomes more harder to accept the new ones, as the glass full of water can not be filled with honey, the glass should be empty for accepting the another, and for emptying the glass, it is required to dissolve the ego, and let the real self come up, which is in fact a hard procedure but not impossible, though we should remember, nothing should be poured in the half filled glass, or it will create a mixture of no use. Nothing is difficult to believe, its just the comfort zone of the ego, that makes it harder.


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