Me, My Nation & My People

Eyes are looking up to the sky thanking the heavenly for the rains; the downpour has always been the direct materialized blessings of the Almighty, shaking the trembling survival with the impulse of life. When the nature rejoices in the shades of green, the eyes get cooled with the vapors in the air, farewell to the hot summer, the thirst is quenched, the dance of life grows up, and the people rejoice in the bliss of the blessings of Mother Nature. The monsoon, which brings a reinforcing wave of life in the Indian peninsula, is once again is engaged in the display of its supernatural might. The happy Indians, who never lost their smile, as never was the wrath of any invading factor much higher than the ocean of happiness dwelling in these hearts, were always rejoicing. Centuries passed with many trying to enslave these people here, forgetting, that here the freedom dwells inside, the true freedom, freedom of soul, which can never be snatched at any worldly cost. The freedom, that no army can threat, no matter if their strength could drink up flowing rivers.

The nostrils getting filled with the intoxicating smell of the soil, relieving us from the smaller pains of life, yet again broadening the smile seems like the nature wants us to relish the essence of life, by always giving us more reasons to be happy. With the smiles on the Indian faces being broadened, the nation gears up for the yet another celebration, the 64th Independence day. Patriotism flowing in the air, with each heart thumping higher and wishing to get even the slightest of high of adrenalin that flew out of bounds, during the freedom struggle of the early 20th century. Wishing itself to be a part of the struggle, the struggle of the birth right of freedom through self rule. Swaraj, Swatantrata, Swabhimaan the powerful words of Hindi, are flowing again in the air, adding to the intoxication the perfect blend of chemicals and emotions, taking up and higher in the realms of ecstasy.

Patriotism, a form of higher love, much above than the individualistic perception of itself, a love that is borne automatically, the moment one opens it eyes and starts playing in the arms of the mother earth. The love is born automatically, out of nowhere. Patriotism is love, not a political agenda, not a reason for war, not a reason for violence. As it can not be, as love can not be a reason that makes another suffers, be it another compatriot, be it another human, be it a foreigner, and be it another nation. Patriotism is love, and love always brings up tolerance, the strongest force, and tolerance is the only achievement of the people of this nation, it is not a weakness, in fact it is the highest achievement one can earn, through love, and love stands the highest thing that can be earned being a human. Throughout the history of this nation there are series of examples of selfless sacrifices which were nothing but the products of tolerance, here for nation, I would not limit myself to the political boundaries, but ill bound myself to even the widest extent of universe, till where the true ideologies of harmony and tolerance which were understood and later propagated to others, through here, exist.

The versatility of Indian patriotism is such that a true Indian patriot, who if is in love with India, is in fact in love with whole creation. Many here would like to raise an eyebrow, thinking me to be yet another propagator of universal love and non violence. So, rather opting to ignore them, it would be better to make them understand the identity of the harmony, tolerance and universal brotherhood which has always found its presence even in the smallest sermon preached by this nation, and only through which is born the strength of non violence. Violence is weakness, only the weakest is the most violent, non violence born out of love, even makes the weakest, the strongest. Imagine a tree, or a building, whose roots or foundation is too deep, for a tempest, for a thunder to shake it, even through multiple times of its arrival, that is tolerance. Violence makes one move out of its own foundations, hence making itself prey to the calamity, whereas non violence is the product of belief in the strength of foundations of love and harmony, which hold the individual so firm that the tolerance is increased and so the chances of survival. This is the reason, for why the natural smile is constant upon the faces of the people here, and this is the only reason, why we are surviving even today, where other civilizations who took up violence and offence, which led to their own extinction, here stands firm the Nation called India, defending itself though love, tolerating every blow, still never losing its own identity.

For the preachers of modified versions of fake freedom who actually are enslaving people for their personal benefits, and for those who get moved away easily by them, they both should understand that the freedom can not be achieved through acts of enslaving others, neither it is harmonically aligned with the true human nature, preached till now by Jagadguru Bharat. Like by freeing the caged birds, looking up at their joy of being freed, the same joy of freedom is equally relished be the one who frees them, this is freedom, be free and let others be free, defend not your egoist dimensions, but the foundations of love, harmony, tolerance, through non violence because these are the only treasures, India has built, and equally distributed everywhere, and this is the reason, Me, my nation and my people are surviving today. Vande Mataram!

— Ankit Panch

One Response to “Me, My Nation & My People”
  1. john gray says:

    i happy , my people happy , so… nation happy this formula is in only use in documentary….
    but Indian reality showed different formula than above documented formula …..
    i tensile for people(only for showing) from my work people satisfied and happy so…. my India happy.
    above formula is known as government formula.this use all over in the world but current time Indian government is use fully……
    but new technology coming soon this called as LOKPAL BILL (from Anna hajare) this change government formula and solved problem related to people ….. so people and nation will automatically happy…….

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