Vichar Vahak is a collaborative forum of concerned individuals to share and engage in enticing discussions on various topics ranging from Social and Cultural Issues, through Individual Rights, Welfare and Development, Law and Policy, to Strategic Affairs and any other issue which may not fall under these heads.

Vichar Vahak is a hindi phrase that means carrier of expressions and thoughts.

Embark on this journey of thoughts and expressions with : –

Ankit Panch is Computer Engineer by chance and a social activist and a writer by choice. He strongly believes in his ethics that help him to maintain a balance between modernity and tradition. He was selected to represent India in the 18th International Youth Forum’08. This year he has been selected to participate in 18th International Youth Leadership Conference’09. His interests include reading, writing, travelling, psychology, philosophy, ethical hacking and composing music. He likes to write poems on humanity, patriotism, social beliefs & revolution as the underlying theme, he has written many articles too. He has good command over many languages, and presently learning Russian on his own. He is presently pursuing Masters of Technology and is busy writing a novel. ankitpanch [at] hotmail [dot] com

Anubhaw Sinha is a Software Engineer working with Infosys Technologies Limited. His interests include Technology, Capital Markets and Business Management. rippu13 [at] gmail [dot] com

Anuj Maheshwari is a Software Engineer working with Infosys Technologies Limited. He likes to comment on Technology and Social Issues.

Jessica Singh is a student of Masters of Social Works at Delhi University.

Deepali Pavagadhi is a student at Symbiosis Pune.

Ishu Gupta is a Software Engineer but his heart lies in Cricket Field. He is the opening batsman for Infosys Cricket Team. He loves to write stuff on sports specially Cricket. ishu.coer [at] gmail [dot] com

Jichin Thomas is currently working as a Software Professional in Pune has an active interest in theophilosophical matters relevant to society and upliftment. He has lived predominantly in the Indian city of Mumbai, but has had exposure to societies in the South India, America and Africa too and has a good background of world history & communities.

Khushboo Luthra

Kunal Sengupta is a Technical Labourer. He loves his Toshiba laptop running on Ubuntu 8.04. He likes to comment on Technology and Java. kunal [dot] nes [at] gmail [dot] com

Palak Mathur works as a labourer in an MNC. He happens to be an Electronic Engineer by education and he only knows how he managed to pass. He loves his HP Pavilion laptop and World Wide Web running on it. He can be found anytime during the night. He is an avid reader and can write something on anything.

Pallav Jain is electronics engineer by education and software engineer by profession. He is working with an IT firm named Headstrong India Services Pvt. Ltd. and is currently posted at Noida. He has interest in playing cricket, table tennis, pool and snooker. Music is something which he listens a lot and also likes to play musical instruments like congo, drums and octopads. He likes to read and specifically upon Spirituality. pjain2001 [at] gmail [dot] com

Priti Mathur works in the field of Public Relations. Her hobbies include sketching and painting (for which she doesn’t get time, but whenever she gets she do wonders), passing leisure time on social networking sites checking updates, and go shopping. She has written few articles on social issues at graduation level.

Rohit Kaliyar is a person with varied interests and is an avid reader. If he is not reading than he can be found posting interesting links on Facebook.

Shalank Mathur is a student of Cost and Work Accountancy and is finding it hard to clear it. Loves Accounts a lot but scores better in Economics. shalank [at] gmail [dot] com



Acknowledgement:- Header image created by Ankit Panch

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