Two Ways To Look At The Software Industry

I have worked in the software industry for more than 3 years, this includes working in 2 very contrasting environments and which has made me see many differences. This is an attempt to briefly describe the practical differences between different types of organizations in the Software Industry. When we think of Software companies we think … Continue reading

Future of the OOH space in Kolkata vis-a-vis Mumbai and Delhi

Though Mumbai, and Delhi are touted to be the twin meccas of the Indian advertising over many years now, there’s an emerging cosmopolitan cousin that has been shockingly out of the hype and hullabaloo that emerges from the conversations on the popular ad vistas of India.  With a nod from a few who have been … Continue reading

The Formula of Corporate Exploitation

They say that the nation is developing, and is progressing, but for whom? Who is getting the most benefit out of the nation’s progress, when we see that there are deaths due to starvations, when there are youth lying unemployed, when there are exploited labors, and when there are 50% below poverty. We should ask, … Continue reading

Social Media – Journey towards a New Era – “Webhood”

After centuries of feudalism and then attaining nationhood, we are marching into the era of “Webhood”. I just coined this term. It is powerful, more powerful than Nationhood.

Review: The Concise Oxford History of Indian Business by Dwijendra Tripathi and Jyoti Jumani

      THE CONCISE OXFORD HISTORY OF INDIAN BUSINESS: Dwijendra Tripathi, Jyoti Jumani; Oxford University Press, YMCA Library Building, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi-110001. Rs. 275.   Rajiv Gandhi: I don’t know history, I make history! Jagmohan: But those who don’t know history, makes a bad one!![i] If one has to sum up in … Continue reading

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