Me, My Nation & My People

Eyes are looking up to the sky thanking the heavenly for the rains; the downpour has always been the direct materialized blessings of the Almighty, shaking the trembling survival with the impulse of life. When the nature rejoices in the shades of green, the eyes get cooled with the vapors in the air, farewell to … Continue reading

Women Empowerment – Challenges and Issues

In the simplest words, empowering the women means creating such an environment in which they can take independent decisions for their personal development and the development of society in general. Empowerment is the process by which the women achieve increased control and participation in decision making which in turn helps to achieve equal basis with … Continue reading

When Did It Became Cool To Hate India…?

Mr Dear Blogger Who Belittles NSG, People like you and many leading journalists, openly publishing anti-India, hate-India propaganda in Indian dailies, and not a word is said – not a single editorial, no public criticism, nothing? When did it become so cool to hate India? Parliamentarians from Pakistan visit India and many MP’s from India … Continue reading

Media Outlook Can Change India’s Outlook

Its very own Human nature that his personality, outlook and attitude are governed by the things he observes around. Don’t you think Media plays a major role in moulding our way of thinking? As they say “Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil” has very important significance in today’s world. Today the … Continue reading

Literacy in India

For the success of any country it is necessary that its people are educated and literate. India has been a feudal for centuries. The concept of nationhood is still new and people find it hard to understand this and therefore we see acts of riots, religious and regional conflicts taking place everywhere in the country. … Continue reading

क्या कर पायेंगे

“बार बार देखकर मंज़र तबाही के, तबाह होना तो कम से कम सीख जायेंगे, जो न रोकी वक़्त की ऐसी करवट, मौत की गोदी में सोना सीख जायेंगे, न बहाओ आखों से आंसू इतने लाचारी के, के ये आंसू खुद रुकना भूल जायेंगे, न जोडो हाथ इतने सितमगर के सामने, के ये हाथ एक दिन … Continue reading

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