Me, My Nation & My People

Eyes are looking up to the sky thanking the heavenly for the rains; the downpour has always been the direct materialized blessings of the Almighty, shaking the trembling survival with the impulse of life. When the nature rejoices in the shades of green, the eyes get cooled with the vapors in the air, farewell to … Continue reading

“What it takes to believe in something which is difficult to believe.”

We all believe in certain things, theories, ideologies, figures, ideals, people, customs, religions, being human we can not stay away from thinking and believing. Belief the product of thought process of the mind, a thought process which has build up in our minds, from the time of birth, being fed up with the teachings of … Continue reading


Sensations rolling on the hearts, making them beat faster, Uninterrupted smiles on the faces, of the deprived, Rejoicing in the eternal pleasure, of the divine, The love has came in its full bloom, and it rose… Scent flowing in the air, vibrating the mortal existence, With the spiritual experience, happiness prevailing. The exhausted finally found … Continue reading


Kibber, a very small village located in the heart of the very beautiful spiti valley, at an altitude of approx. 4500 meters, and in a very cold and difficult terrain, and is one of the highest villages in Himalayas. The first foundations of this village were laid in 13th or 14th century AD, and it … Continue reading

Smarter Planet – Idea and the Involvement – Time to say THANK YOU!

When I joined IBM on 3rd July 2009, the first thing I noticed was the poster of Smarter Planet at the gallery leading to my induction room. Later during induction, we were shown the video advertising Smarter Planet concept and how it has become the buzzword here in IBM. However, when I reached the floor … Continue reading

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