Media Outlook Can Change India’s Outlook

Its very own Human nature that his personality, outlook and attitude are governed by the things he observes around. Don’t you think Media plays a major role in moulding our way of thinking? As they say “Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil” has very important significance in today’s world. Today the … Continue reading

Future of the OOH space in Kolkata vis-a-vis Mumbai and Delhi

Though Mumbai, and Delhi are touted to be the twin meccas of the Indian advertising over many years now, there’s an emerging cosmopolitan cousin that has been shockingly out of the hype and hullabaloo that emerges from the conversations on the popular ad vistas of India.  With a nod from a few who have been … Continue reading

Literacy in India

For the success of any country it is necessary that its people are educated and literate. India has been a feudal for centuries. The concept of nationhood is still new and people find it hard to understand this and therefore we see acts of riots, religious and regional conflicts taking place everywhere in the country. … Continue reading

India – Sense of Belonging and Participation among Masses

It is true that sense of belonging lacks in India. We take freedom and democracy for granted and live like feuds. We, in India, are culturally distinct people, with differences in languages, customs, rites and rituals. We came together (not all, but yet many) for a purpose during National Movement, an objective – Independence. But … Continue reading

क्या कर पायेंगे

“बार बार देखकर मंज़र तबाही के, तबाह होना तो कम से कम सीख जायेंगे, जो न रोकी वक़्त की ऐसी करवट, मौत की गोदी में सोना सीख जायेंगे, न बहाओ आखों से आंसू इतने लाचारी के, के ये आंसू खुद रुकना भूल जायेंगे, न जोडो हाथ इतने सितमगर के सामने, के ये हाथ एक दिन … Continue reading

क्या और कब तक…

क्या वो जो मरता है अब तक आदमी आम है, क्यों दर-ब-दर की ठोकर खाना उसका काम है, क्यों गुमनाम मर जाना ही उसका नाम है, और क्यों अपना ही खून उसका आखिरी जाम है, क्या होते थे अब तक धमाके वीरानों में, क्यों नहीं गूंजती थी आवाज़ हुकुमती कानों में, क्यों चुपचाप दफ़न हो … Continue reading

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