“What it takes to believe in something which is difficult to believe.”

We all believe in certain things, theories, ideologies, figures, ideals, people, customs, religions, being human we can not stay away from thinking and believing. Belief the product of thought process of the mind, a thought process which has build up in our minds, from the time of birth, being fed up with the teachings of … Continue reading

Live and Let Live

Imagine a situation: You have been handcuffed. You are crying,shouting and screaming but no one is there to pay attention towards you. You are trying to see if anyone can see you and save you but everyone is indifferent towards you. Now a man with a big and very sharp knife in his hands is … Continue reading

Retaliation, the natural instinct.

When we use the word retaliate, it denotes somewhat a situation where there is no other option left with the individual, then to let the natural instinct works in its own way. The natural instinct, what exactly it is. When human was evolved after long phases of evolution from its ape forefathers, there were still … Continue reading

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