Sensations rolling on the hearts, making them beat faster, Uninterrupted smiles on the faces, of the deprived, Rejoicing in the eternal pleasure, of the divine, The love has came in its full bloom, and it rose… Scent flowing in the air, vibrating the mortal existence, With the spiritual experience, happiness prevailing. The exhausted finally found … Continue reading


Times were not in my easy favors, And they made me taste all flavors, Walking down on the tip of razors, Is easier than to witness these tremors. Lot is in my heart than anger and pain, May be an animal’s but not insane, Roamed in wild never found any lane, Tried hard till now … Continue reading

A poem from the experience of my yesteryears

On goes the Sojourner… As I crossed the bridging grey over the waters at eventide, I gazed at the colloidal clouds sparkling with sunrays ‘twixt themselves, quickly fading into unison with the shadows of the evening, that stole across the scarlet sky. Yet another day was done, The night with its overture, folded back the … Continue reading


प्यारे भारतीय भाई और बहनों, 15 अगस्त 2009, “भारतीय स्वत्न्त्रता दिवस”, आज का दिन हम सभी के लिये एक महान दिन है, जो हमें वीरों के बलिदानों की, मातूभूमि के दूधिया वात्सल्य की, और हमें हमारे राष्ट्र के प्रति कर्तव्यों की याद दिलाता है। यह वह दिन है, जिसे पाने के लिये वीरों तथा वीरांगनाओं … Continue reading


Whenever there are wounds of life, either too shallow or deep as knife’s, My search for cure could’ve never ended, till found ur face where my eyes landed, Innocence reveals there no secrets inside, whatever is in is seen clearly outside, So pure are the visible emotions seen, they point divine unmoved and never lean, … Continue reading

क्रांती का कमाल

मातरे हिंद के चेहरे पर जवाल आ जाये, जो है दिलों में हमारे सबके बवाल आ जाये, क्या हैं हम, हस्ती है क्या, ये सवाल आ जाये, जो एक बार वतन में क्रांती का कमाल आ जाये, गुमसुम हुये चेहरों पर मौसम खुशहाल आ जाये, सुस्त हुई आंखों में रोशन खुमार आ जाये, सितमगर लंबे … Continue reading

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