Black Day for Java

I was long awaiting such kind of act by Oracle and it happened. Oracle sued Google over Java in Android platform ( News and actual complaint). Advertisements


Sensations rolling on the hearts, making them beat faster, Uninterrupted smiles on the faces, of the deprived, Rejoicing in the eternal pleasure, of the divine, The love has came in its full bloom, and it rose… Scent flowing in the air, vibrating the mortal existence, With the spiritual experience, happiness prevailing. The exhausted finally found … Continue reading

Two Ways To Look At The Software Industry

I have worked in the software industry for more than 3 years, this includes working in 2 very contrasting environments and which has made me see many differences. This is an attempt to briefly describe the practical differences between different types of organizations in the Software Industry. When we think of Software companies we think … Continue reading

Social Media – Journey towards a New Era – “Webhood”

After centuries of feudalism and then attaining nationhood, we are marching into the era of “Webhood”. I just coined this term. It is powerful, more powerful than Nationhood.

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