Suggest Us!

If you have any suggestions or want to join us, then please leave your details as a comment. We would contact you shortly if the need be.

5 Responses to “Suggest Us!”
  1. Manish Kumar says:

    I am an MBA student with an engineering background .
    I would like to use this forum to express my ideas .
    Kindly add me up.

    • palakmathur says:

      Hi Manish,

      Please send me an article written by you on any topic that you feel writing about. It should be atleast 300 words. I will add you up after seeing your writing style. I have sent you a mail in this regard. Please reply to that mail.

      Palak Mathur

  2. Hi,

    I am a MBA student at IIT Kanpur. I had been following ur articles for quiet some time now.
    I would like to invite you guys to write article for our monthly e-newsletter Avant Garde.
    The list of suggested topics for the same is at

    If any one is interested in writing can follow the link and let us know.

    Shashank Saini
    Editor Avant Garde…

  3. ansh says:

    hey dere…palak….hope you remeber me….just wanted to know….isn’t vichar vahak going commerical??… as in .com or .in???

  4. palakmathur says:

    We had plans but as of now those plans have been parked for certain reasons.

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