Obermann Once More by Matthew Arnold

“The East bow’d low before the blast In patient deep disdain; She let the legions thunder past, And plunged in thought again.” This is a part of a poem written by Matthew Arnold(24 December 1822 – 15 April 1888), viz. Obermann Once More. This poem is often used with reference to East by European historians specially when … Continue reading


प्यारे भारतीय भाई और बहनों, 15 अगस्त 2009, “भारतीय स्वत्न्त्रता दिवस”, आज का दिन हम सभी के लिये एक महान दिन है, जो हमें वीरों के बलिदानों की, मातूभूमि के दूधिया वात्सल्य की, और हमें हमारे राष्ट्र के प्रति कर्तव्यों की याद दिलाता है। यह वह दिन है, जिसे पाने के लिये वीरों तथा वीरांगनाओं … Continue reading

India – Sense of Belonging and Participation among Masses

It is true that sense of belonging lacks in India. We take freedom and democracy for granted and live like feuds. We, in India, are culturally distinct people, with differences in languages, customs, rites and rituals. We came together (not all, but yet many) for a purpose during National Movement, an objective – Independence. But … Continue reading

The Legacy

What type of society do we want to live in? What type of nation do we want? What type of environment we wish to strive in? The answer to these never answered question is unknown because we never tried to answer them or to ask someone to clear our doubts, because we are too reluctant … Continue reading

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